Our Nominated Charities This Year

Each year, LLS supports a charity selected by the President with the aim of raising funds at various events that we host throughout the year.

Newly elected President Bhumika Parmar has selected three charities for her presidential year 2023/24: Help the Homeless, Menphys, Zinthiya’s Trust.

Help the Homeless

We as a charity and our supporters truly believe our services can change and transform multiple lives for the better and help achieve the relief of homelessness and rough sleeping within our city. Our work offers an insight to what the potential service users need from a service that is completely beneficial, our in-depth work with service users, statutory services and with other organisations highlight the areas with gaps and that the services we provide bridges those gaps and offers a platform of empowerment and into other existing services, encouraging eventual independence. We aim to work closely with other charities and organisations, to not duplicate or replicate but to complement.

To find out more visit www.hthleicester.co.uk


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Zinthiya Trust

Our mission is to provide information, advice and practical support to alleviate poverty and abuse. We are a registered charity providing support to people living in Leicester and Leicestershire and our service is open to everyone.

We support women and girls experiencing or at risk of all types of abuse including psychological, physical, sexual, financial or emotional abuse. We provide one-to-one bespoke support, information, advice, guidance, mentoring, group sessions and training including the Freedom Programme.

We provide practical support to help people to improve their financial position. This includes information, advice and guidance with energy, money, debt, and benefits issues. We provide support to reduce household bills, maximise income, deal with problem debt, improve financial skills, improve energy efficiency, reduce fuel and food poverty and apply for grants to help with white goods and furniture to set up home. In addition, we offer opportunities to develop skills through work placements, volunteering opportunities and support to get people into employment.

To find out more visit www.zinthiyatrust.org

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Our mission is to deliver a quality service that values the views and enables the voice of disabled children, young people and their families in Leicestershire and Leicester. We aim to provide a range of holistic, impartial and empowering specialist services through our own resources and in partnership with the statutory authorities and other voluntary sector groups. 

Within the framework of everything we do, we aim to identify unmet need and offer effective support, which is in step with current legislation and concepts of good practice.

We value diversity and believe that every child or young person, whatever their needs, has the equal right to take part fully in their community and to have the same choices, opportunities and experiences as other children.

To find out more visit menphys.org.uk


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