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Imogen Cox (The Defence Solicitor)

Kerrie Patrick

Kate Nield (Dodds Solicitor)

Yakesh Tanna (ZMS Solicitors)

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Civil Litigation

Chair: Matthew Olner (Nelsons Solicitors)

Kam Ubhi (Crane & Walton)

Angela Titley-Vial (Rich & Carr)

Krishna Kotecha (Moosa Duke Solicitor)

Parvien Akhtar (Bright Legal Solicitor)

Sameer Karim (DWS Solicitor)

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Chair: Sameer Karim (DWS Solicitor)

Gina Samuel-Richards (AGR Law)

Christl Hughes (Non-Practising)

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Education and training

Chair: Parvien Akhtar (Bright Legal Solicitor)

Zainab Zaeem-Sattar (Summerfield Browne)

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Equality and diversity

Chair: Zainab Zaeem-Sattar (Summerfield Browne)

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Chair: Nanita Kanabar Family (Flint Bishop Solicitors)

Jessica Huczmann (Johnson Solicitors)

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Chair: Gayle Rowley (Nelsons Solicitors)

Gina Samuel-Richards (AGR Law)

Jonathan Green (DWS Solicitors)

Rita Rathod (Moss solicitors)

Jennifer McNeil (Dodds Solicitors)

Suki Makan (Rich & Carr Solicitors)

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Chair: Zainab Zaeem-Sattar (Summerfield Browne)

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Non-contentious Business & Regulatory

Chair: Neal Patterson (Langley’s Solicitors)

Linda Lee (Radcliffes Le Brasseur)

Christl Hughes (Non-Practising)

Jessica Huczmann (Emery Johnson)

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Chair: Greg Hollingsworth (Hollingsworth Solicitors)

Christl Hughes (Non-Practising)

Glynis Wright (Nelsons Solicitors)