Rules and Objectives

Objectives for 2017-2021

The Committee of the Society sets the following objectives for the next three years:



– increase the number of members/associate members; and

– get more members (and in particular more members from outside Leicester) actively involved in the work of the Society.


Working together

– work with the universities and professional bodies representing other branches of the legal profession to promote Leicester as a centre of legal excellence
– work with local and national businesses to create business opportunities for members


Profile and Press

– improve the profile and perception of the Society in the eyes of the legal profession it professes to represents and in the eyes of the public; and
– attempt to improve the profile and public perception of the legal profession in Leicester and Leicestershire;
– lobby politicians and other decision makers on matters of concern to our membership


Social Interaction

– Improve on/maintain high levels of attendance at all events;
– ensure a rich and diverse mix of attendees;
– consider new approaches to encourage interaction between members.


Education and Training

– provide relevant and useful courses for practitioners locally and without a view to profit.



– ensure that the diverse characteristics of the Society’s members, committee and officers reflect the diversity of the legal profession in Leicester and Leicestershire



– balance the books
– maintain and develop our sponsorship income



– Improve on the operation and accountability of committees.